Cruise Industry News: Atlas Ocean Voyages Partners with ELi Technology

Atlas Ocean Voyages and ELi Technology are partnering to introduce ELi Code to the cruise industry.

According to a statement, ELi Code distills and delivers a brand or establishment’s essence and immediately serves information and key services to customers with a tap on their mobile devices.

Atlas Ocean Voyages is the first cruise company to utilize the new ELi Code, the company said.

“We saw ELi Code as a new, upcoming technology that can help convey Atlas Ocean Voyages’ essence and information to the luxe-adventure traveler in a more connected and succinct way,” said Alberto Aliberti, President of Atlas Ocean Voyages. “ELi Code’s flexibility and versatility is a powerful function that helps us go beyond the website and dynamically deliver what the consumer wants to see.”

With ELi Code, travelers can virtually immerse themselves in Atlas Ocean Voyages’ experience with a single scan. While QR codes send the user to one linked webpage, ELi Codes connect consumers to a mobile-optimized landing page, an ELi Page, with native content hosted by ELi Technology.

The ELi Page lives outside a social media platform and offers an unparalleled curation of multimedia, engaging designs, multiple link options, and information, on one dynamic page, according to the company. 

“ELi Code is the next generation of QR Codes,” said Dave Boos, President and CEO of Cornerstone Consulting, Inc., the creators of ELi Codes. “ELi Codes cater to the preferred interfaces and content styles that is affected by social media platforms, but outside of a social media platform and not dependent on a website. There are a multitude of ELi Code applications from sole-proprietorship brands to emergency services, to consumer-packaged goods.”

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