The Story of ELi

The story of ELI is a fascinating one indeed.  It is the Brainchild of Mr. Ron Klein.  Ron is a man whose inventions have touched almost every single person in the world! He is the inventor of the Magnetic Strip on the Credit Card, Credit Card Validity Checking System.  He is the developer of computerized systems for Real Estate (MLS) Multiple Listing Services, Voice Response for the Banking Industry and BOND Quotation and Trade Information for the New York Stock Exchange.  Ron is an Olympic bicyclist.  He is a serial entrepreneur who has taken several companies Public. Ron is also an international speaker, and frequent guest on radio, TV and podcast programs.  In addition, he leads Mastermind groups nationwide!

In the past few years Ron began to lose sight in one of his eyes.  Being a man who does not see “Problems” but rather Opportunities to make things Better, Ron began to think about the plight of those with limited sight and what he could do to make their lives better.  Of course, one of the biggest problems is knowing that you have in your hand what you think you do.  Is it your blue shirt or your black shirt, is it a bottle of Tylenol or Aspirin, is it a can of soup or dog food?  To Ron these were not “Problems” but rather Opportunities where he could make things BETTER!  So he went to work.

Being a man of Faith, Ron remembered a story in the Old Testament scriptures of a man named ELI.  ELI was a godly and righteous prophet, but he had two sons who committed evil deeds. As ELI aged and soon became blind, he was fooled in a number of ways by his devious sons, and ended up with his life and legacy a disaster and disgrace.  As Ron considered the story, he became convinced that he knew how to keep those who were blind or with limited vision from being fooled or making huge mistakes that could have disastrous results!

Hence, Ron teamed up with Mr. Rick Gibson and they began working on an application for the blind called “ELI”.  Ron’s ideas and Rick’s technical expertise proved to be a huge success.  They created a simple QR code that could be scanned by a user’s cell phone and resulted in audio prompts first asking for the description of the product being scanned, and after recording that information, the subsequent scans repeated the message back to the person scanning.  Thus, a sighted person or caregiver could simply take an adhesive sticker with a special type of QR code on it and record “This is your Tylenol” or “This is your tomato soup” or “This is your black shirt” or whatever description was necessary.  Then when the limited sight individual hovered their phone over the code it would repeat the recording back and thus allow that person to be much more autonomous and live with more dignity! The recording could be changed an unlimited number of times without changing the adhesive sticker.

One can only imagine the happiness of the thousands of limited sight people who could now function on their own instead of having to have someone wait on them hand and foot!  With this simple aid, they could have the confidence to be more self-sufficient in their everyday lives.   The various organizations of the world who work with limited sight or blind people LOVED the idea and those using this solution are so happy.  You can learn more about this product at

But then Ron said to himself, “If this concept worked for the limited sight people, how could we use it for the sighted world as well?”  So, he and Rick began to develop a new solution for the rest of the world.  As that process was just getting under way and the ideas were being developed, Rick suddenly took ill and within days passed away.  This was a huge blow to both Ron and of course Rick’s family and friends, but Ron was determined to carry on with the project.

In the year or so before Rick’s passing, Ron had met Mr. Dave Boos in a totally unrelated setting.  Dave soon became fascinated as he learned more about the Eli program Ron and Rick were working on. Dave quickly saw the value and became a financial investor in the project.  Dave had been in the software development business since 1983 and had a team of programmers working on a variety of different products.  Thus, when Rick suddenly passed and it was obvious that Ron was not going to give up on his idea, Dave jumped in and brought the programming team of his company, Cornerstone Consulting, in to pick up the project.  Over the days and weeks following, the Cornerstone team learned the system and began working on enhancements and new markets for this incredible invention of Ron Klein.

Today, the ELi project has become a world-class Marketing Studio where users can create mobile “Landing Pages” to promote their products and services with full analytics and traceability!  ELi has become a simple to use, cloud-based Marketing Studio that can actually GUARANTEE results that are measurable!  The “Landing Pages” can be built by anyone with little or no technical expertise, and changed instantly any time the user wishes.  Even a “Third-Grader” can build an ELi “Landing Page” ( and we can show some that did).

Fascinating indeed that ELi started off as Ron’s invention to keep the blind from being fooled or making a terrible mistake, and has grown into one of the most useful tools for Marketing, Sales, eCommerce and, provides information to literally every industry on the planet.

Contact us TODAY and let us show you how ELi can enhance YOUR marketing efforts and give you GUARANTEED Measurable results!!