ELi for Tradeshows & Promo Products

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ELi Tradeshow Solution

ELi Marketing Studio consolidates all your event information into a single, simply to update and easy to use platform. ELi QR codes are perfect for aisle markers to launch ELI Landing-pages on smartphones to display aisle maps and vendor listings. Bring your event schedule to life, link local dining, business services, transportation, etc from your tradeshow ELI QR codes. Instantly share all your shows information, and track the scans and digitally collect needed information. Offer ELi Landing-Pages to all your vendors – brand themselves, set appointments, sell their products/services, request samples, share contact information, and more. ELi Marketing Studio shares, collects and presents all your information in an easy to update and change solution. 

ELi For Promotional Items

You are already printing our logos, phone numbers, company website, and messaging on all our promotional products – As we should! But with ELi-QR Codes you share your entire digital world to all that scan.

Have a video message welcoming your prospective customers to your brand, present the exact messages you want them to see the very moment they want to see it – don’t leave them blindly at a home page where they can easily get distracted and lost.

ELi Landing-Pages are updatable anytime, meaning the message for the ELi-QR you printed on your products can be updated and changed as often as you need. Your already branding your company on your items, with ELi you can now connect deeper to create sales and customers. ELi opens the door to for all your marketing needs.

Make other supporting content available. Add your events full history and context to your messaging
Easy to update to get your shows information up-to-date and relevant
Video speaks directly to your audience – at the time they want to see it
Add sales promotions, promotional registrations (give-aways and contests), newsletter sign-ups
One-touch to call, text, and email directly from ELi Landing-Pages
Easily engage people into all your social media sites from one button.
Basic Landing-Page


1 Image / Photo
4 Navi Buttons
1 Text Area
1 Video Allowed
Lead Form
Standard Format

No credit card required
Premium Landing-Page


Unlimited Images / Photos
Unlimited Navi Buttons
Unlimited Text Areas
Unlimited Video Allowed
Lead Form
Custom Designs
Image Gallery

No credit card required
Tradeshow Solution

Custom Services Available
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