ELi Smart Shelf Tags for Retailers

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Modernize Your Shelf Edge for Digital Engagement

Smart Shelf Tags™ are traditional retail shelf tags enhanced with Hyper-Dynamic ELi QR Codes™ that display rich, mobile-optimized product content to engage and educate your shoppers to drive sales.


Smart Shelf Tags work with your existing POS system and most shelf tag printing solutions including 3rd party providers.  Smart Shelf Tags also work with Electronic Shelf Labels.

Smart Shelf Tags immediately engage your audience with videos, social media, images, and more.

Encourage Purchase With The Snap of a Smartphone

Educate and inspire your customers by adding digital content to individual UPCs on shelf.  Customers can instantly access:

  • Product Benefits
  • Health & Nutrition Information
  • Allergens
  • Reviews & Testimonials
  • Product FAQs
  • Video Inspiration
  • Certifications & Claims
  • Recipes & Instructions
  • Brand & Company Information
  • And More!

Use ELi Codes to Streamline In-Store Marketing

In addition to Smart Shelf Tags, ELi Codes are a great way to communicate your store’s message including:

  • Core Values
  • Store Specials
  • Hours
  • Feedback and Policies
  • Hot/Cold Bar Nutritionals
  • Access Store App
  • Special Orders
  • More!

Inspire usage with incentives, recipes, and brand content

Control online searching and reduce misinformation

Equip your in-aisle staff with resources to become product experts

Products merchandised with smart shelf tags outgrew their categories by 3x

Low cost, low work, high value

Through engagement and education

Retail Pricing Options coming soon. 

Basic Retail Landing-Page


1 Image / Photo
4 Navi Buttons
1 Text Area
1 Video Allowed
Lead Form
Standard Format

No credit card required
Premium Retail Landing-Page


Unlimited Images / Photos
Unlimited Navi Buttons
Unlimited Text Areas
Unlimited Video Allowed
Lead Form
Custom Designs
Image Gallery

No credit card required

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ELi Codes and Smart Shelf Tags are taking the industry by storm.

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