ELi for Cruises

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A Great Cruise starts with an Exciting presentation of the Ports of Call and the Onboard Experience.  Simply showing a photo in a brochure is fine, but bringing that photo to LIFE with rich video and audio content engages the prospect on a completely different level altogether.  Bringing the prospect into the experience even before they get onboard is part of the fun and mystic of visiting the unique sites of this world.

The ELi Marketing Studio adds a new, simple but powerful tool to your marketing mix. Easily delivering Rich Relevant content to bring people to the exact message you want them to see at the exact moment they want to see it.  Scanning an ELi code allows your messaging to explode off their device and connects them to the most important elements of your offerings.  ELi Codes spark further curiosity, so let that curiosity launch them into your engaging ELi pages where they can learn more and sign up!  Connect deeper with your customers, strengthen loyalty, collect contact information, create promotions and special offers, and drive sales.

Once onboard ELi brings a wealth of benefits both to the cruise line as well as the guests.  ELi codes can be used to present training and highlight procedures to internal staff.  ELi codes are eco-friendly, saving paper, printing and waste.  ELi codes allow the guests to keep up with the daily schedule changes, purchase tickets for excursions or activities onboard.  ELi codes allow guests to offer their comments or concerns thru surveys and questionnaires.  ELi codes allow guests to see special offers for future cruises and sign up immediately.  The list goes on and on.

Our world is changing and often the travel industry has last minute changes as well.  Here is where ELi shines once again.  The ELi code itself never changes but the content can change any time, as often as you wish, from any device you have available, you computer, you tablet or your phone.  If weather or world events require a quick change, ELi is ready to broadcast that change to every user on their very next scan.  Content, schedules and events can be changed in seconds any time those changes are needed thus always keeping everyone completely up to date.

ELi allows you to present your exciting offers, engage your guests, educate your consumers and provide a BETTER Customer Experience!

A simple way to tell an employer who you are and about your hopes for your career path.
Add sales promotions, specific catalog pricing, contact forms.
Full analytics of all scans: time, date, location, device, and more. Link your Google TN to your ELi and collect even more analytical information.
Explain your business philosophy and management style as well as your leadership capabilities

Present your work and show your creativity with examples of your work

Basic Cruise Line Landing Page


1 Image / Photo
4 Navi Buttons
1 Text Area
1 Video Allowed
Lead Form
Standard Format

No credit card required
Premium Cruise Line Landing Page


Unlimited Images / Photos
Unlimited Navi Buttons
Unlimited Text Areas
Unlimited Video Allowed
Lead Form
Custom Designs
Image Gallery

No credit card required