Marketing and Print

What is ELI Technology For Marketing
and Print?

ELI enhances all print! ELI provides revolutionary communication between advertisers and consumers – period. ELI’s touchless communication transforms print to a digital experience instantly, without any special App needed. Best of all, there is no hardware or software required. Bring print to life, sell products and services, tell the brands story, push out coupons and offers, collect consumer data – EASILY Increase ROI.

  • Engage Directly with Consumers
  • Capture Customer Data
  • Distribute Product and Service Offerings
  • Streamline Marketing and Stay Current.
  • Repurpose all Marketing Materials

Why Should You Choose ELI Technology?

With ELI Technology, you create a direct information pipeline with shoppers. ELI instantly presents “sticky” content and encourages regular interaction between shoppers, products, brands, and businesses. The results? Better product knowledge, deeper brand connection, create customer connections, and sell more products!

Initiate promotions and campaigns, re-targeting programs, referral programs, coupon & loyalty programs, and more. Because ELI Technology’s system tracks and reports on all interactions, you can better manage and augment performance against marketing and sales goals.

It’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s effective!

Why People Love ELI Technology?

“Working with clients to extend their brand is always the goal of promotional products. With ELI Technology we now have an easy yet powerful solution to help gain clients that are interested in our services. It has enabled us to help our clients deliver their message with more value and effectiveness with each item we provide. ELI is perfect to get the most “bang for the buck” in communicating with our clients and their customers.”

Tom Scholz, MAS President, KoolStuff II, LLC.

“Helping Non-Profit raise funds for their programs, we needed to broaden our database and expand our clients reach. Value is always important to everything we do. With ELI, we find it helpful in getting more customers to purchase our products AND then find out more about us as an Organization. ELI has made it easier for us to reach more people with our message AND share with them more our story.”

LyLe Kobus CEO, Seasonal Silhouette

“We are excited to be able to offer our customers and readers this new and innovative option. ELI Codes are a perfect way to bring print to life, delivering the reader a wealth of valuable, targeted information. What might take multiple pages to explain, can now be linked right in the code. And with COVID-19, connecting with brands is more important than ever.”

Heather Wainer, Publisher, WholeFoods Magazine.

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We have created a solution that gives you the ability to provide more information from our dynamic platform than any other technology!

And you can change it anytime you want with a simple “drag and drop” interface without having to update any printed materials. Tell your story now.

Why use ELI?

Increase customer engagement and sales through digital touch-points that ELI creates. Connect with your customers using the mobile device they rely on daily.

Engage them how they want –
on their smartphone and when they are actively looking.